November Writing Update

November Writing Update

It’s November! We made it through October and are now in the lovely month that kickstarts our Holidays—at least in the States—!

So on the writing front this past month I actually got quite a bit written! Just not in my actual Work In Progress’. . . *cheesy grin*
See the thing is is that I needed to sharpen my skills. Dust off the rust so to say so I spent the majority—okay all—of the month dabbling in fanfiction.

I am not sorry.

I wrote about 10k in fanfiction this month and I gotta say it really helped me get confidence back.
My main focus for this fanfiction has been Signed Sealed Delivered—fabulous show go and watch it. Though look up what order you need to watch it in.—AU’s!
AU’s are my favorite to write as long as they have an OC—original character—. I don’t think I’ve ever written a fanfic without an OC! My fanfiction document on Scrivener is over 70k long but thats all the fanfiction ideas and scenes and half stories I’ve jotted down over the past few years.

Fanfiction allows me to take an idea, say a character with severe burn scars, and run with it without having to deal with creating an entire world and cast of characters. It can be quite fun and relaxing. It also helps me to figure out how said burn victim would react and I can do multiple story ideas/scenes with differing burns to see what fits best for my original story . . . Anyways.

I’m pleased to say that I’m fully expecting to make some decent progress on my main wips this month and am so excited about the writing camps I’m attending—virtually of course—! Head on over to my blog to find out more about the NaNoWriMo alternatives!

‘Till next we meet!
~Tiffany Michele.

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