Writing Update: June

Writing Update: June

This was such fun and brain bending work! Thanks to my mom/editor for helping me!! Lifeofjoy.me

To be completely honest, I didn’t write all that much last month.
I was busy doing outlining!

Using my big corkboard over my bed, we armed ourselves with index cards and started working on brainstorming and figuring out where the heck I was going with this story. How to get from A to Z.

A few weeks later and the board was FULL. It was glorious but sadly I didn’t snap a pic of the finished product! *wails in the distance* . My mom and I then got to work washi taping all my index cards and notes into A Starry Subjects notebook! This was incredibly satisfying and I highly recommend.

Now my main focus for this month is to build up my writing endurance again— I’ve started to do an hour of straight writing no breaksies every day ish—so that by the end of June I’ll be able to attend and conquer Writing Camp this July! I’m excited to finally get Starry Subject written fully and I really believe that by the end of summer *fingers crossed* I’ll have the main draft completed.

Other than the Starry Subject front, my other wips are being set on simmer as I focus on this big boy. I did crack the spine on my Atlantis story this morning as I finished my hour of writing—I wrote some fanfiction, it’s a pleasure project with no expectations sooooo yea—and was hit in the chest at how beautiful and raw it is. Atlantis deals with grief in a way that really relates to how I feel with my Grandpa’s passing and it surprises me that I was able to display that level of depth of emotion when I hadn’t experienced it fully. . . Anywho: suffice it to say that I’m wanting to structure Atlantis and Wolves and Lost Boys soon! But I’m wanting to sink my teeth into Starry Subject first :).

if you’d like to learn more about how my life is fairing, head on over to the blog where I’m sure I’ll be talking about all sorts of things soon over there.
‘’Till next we meet.

~Tiffany Michele

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